Yoga and Health

Yoga is perhaps the best form of exercise that an individual may practice himself or in a group session. There are people all over the world who are regular with their yoga routine and are feeling healthier and better about themselves. Whether someone is practicing yoga exercises close to the banks of the river Ganges in India, or some long distance runner practicing short bursts at the royal park in London, England there is 90% likelihood that these activities are taking place in the morning of their respective time zones.

A yoga takes a form of special exercises where the individual learns to practice different postures, breathing routines, and meditation exercises to have a healthy mind, body and spiritual awareness. Modern sciences encourage people to practice yoga and develop new yoga skills and there are private health care facilities that offer individual and group yoga sessions as well. Dietitians and fitness gurus recommend yoga as it enhances muscle tone, increases flexibility and improves overall stamina of a person.

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A well-known axiom is that persons who do yoga every morning, even if only for 20 minutes, tend to become stronger and have greater endurance than those who do not. Some health benefits of yoga are:

You Will Sleep Better.

One very important reason for Yoga in the morning is that it helps the individual sleep better. The exercises in Yoga sessions are designed to help people cope up with stress and relax. People who suffer from conditions such as insomnia benefits from regular yoga.

You will Burn Your Calories Faster.

It is common knowledge that yoga sessions regularly helps in burning up fat and controlling our weight. Medical researchers believe that we can burn as much as 500 calories every day if we practice 30 minutes of yoga in the morning. By burning fat, we can not only lower our harmful cholesterol level but also raise our good cholesterol (HDL).

The Benefits You Will Gain From Yoga Exercises

The most popular exercises that people indulge in every morning fall into the category of what is known as yoga activities, such as, breathing exercises, meditation, physical exercises, and practicing of postures.

Yoga exercise benefits our bones and muscles and is especially good for our heart and the lungs. Whether it is breathing techniques or yoga exercises, we should always choose a yoga routine that we enjoy so that we can develop a habit of involving physical activity in our day-to-day routine.

Hypertension Will Never Haunt You.

Regular, yoga lowers the blood pressure. Thus, if a person can keep his/her blood pressure down every morning while exercising, the person is deriving great benefit because high blood pressure is associated with heart diseases.

You Can Get All the Benefits Without Any Special Equipment

People with busy schedules and off all ages are performing yoga without having to spend much on any special equipment. All you need is a good yoga mat and you are good to go for Yoga sessions. This form of exercise does not require any special equipment and is now universally recognized by fitness experts as one of the best exercises for the heart and circulation.